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Posted by Mark Gederman on Aug 4, 2016 9:00:00 AM
Mark Gederman

Data is everywhere today. We’re nearly drowning in it. It literally surrounds us both at our workplaces and in our personal lives. There is no escape.

But really, that’s not such a bad thing.

Data is good. Data makes us smarter and helps us to react quicker. Data provides us with knowledge and insight that otherwise might be hidden or out of reach.

As broadcasters, you’ve come to understand that data can help you present a more information-rich story through dynamic graphics, offering both realization and context to your viewers.

In a blog posted here just last week, titled, “The Votes Are In. Data Wins!, we look at how preparing for election night coverage typically means tasking a special projects producer to focus all of their energies, months in advance, on the myriad elements of today's high-pressure election coverage. And, that this has been particularly true when it comes to integrating data services to your graphics.

We postulated that it didn’t need to be that hard. That instead, it should be as easy as producing graphics for your everyday 6 o’clock newscast. Which is why ChyronHego has advanced graphics innovation once again with the introduction of ENGAGE Data Services for Elections, the only truly enterprise-grade election systems optimized for thousands 
of races and dozens of simultaneous users. The instant new data is received; it is immediately ready for air.

ENGAGE_Data_1.jpgBut elections, while immensely important to your viewers – to say nothing of your ratings – occur only once in a while. But data is constant. It’s always there, not to torment, but to enable. Data is there to help you, as a producer, to open a new window for your audience to peer in on and grasp new insight from data-driven graphics that support stories in news, sports, weather, finance, and social media interactions.

All of these areas and many more, including elements of your newscast that, perhaps, you wouldn’t necessarily think could leverage data-driven graphics – such as school closings and severe weather warnings – can benefit immeasurably from ENGAGE Data Services.

Remember, data is good. Data is your friend. It simply needs to be harnessed in a way that helps you, the producer, to tell a better story through data-driven graphics. And that is exactly why ChyronHego continues to innovate solutions like ENGAGE Data Services.

Contact ChyronHego Creative Services to dig a little deeper into your data.

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