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Posted by Mark Gederman on Jul 26, 2016 11:42:51 AM
Mark Gederman

Here in the United States, election season is squarely upon us. News outlets from the largest networks to the smallest independent stations are buzzing with activity, each planning their coverage to one-up the competition.

ElectionPack16_R_ss004.jpgBut on election night, only one thing matters: the data. It has to be accurate, timely and clearly presented for your viewers. 

For many in our industry data hasn’t always been so friendly. Election night typically means adding or stealing resources in order to prepare for the big night.  Be it special projects producers, freelance control room staff, or added load to engineering teams, election night typically means months of prep for a single, high-pressure night.

With so much on the line, it shouldn't be a science project to get your data provider to talk to your graphics engine. Your producers shouldn't have to learn new tools for one night of work. Your focus should be on visualizing data and telling the stories your market cares about.

At ChyronHego, we believe that elections should be easy. In fact, we believe that creating dynamic, data-driven election graphics should be no different than producing graphics for your 6 o’clock newscast.

With that in mind we've assembled all of the components necessary to quickly CREATE, AGGREGATE, and DISPLAY election results using the existing tools your teams are used to. Our solution means that producers stay within LUCI, building their graphics with the same drag and drop fulfillment workflow that they're used to. Designers can focus on creating stunning visualizations instead of fighting with the data. And control rooms don't need to be re-wired or re-staffed - your existing playout workflow remains the same. 

Our solution leverages NewsTicker, the industry's only truly enterprise-grade election system. It's optimized for thousands 
of races and dozens of simultaneous users. The instant new data is received, and then it's ready for air. Through ENGAGE - our data gateway into CAMIO - election data, such as Multi-Candidate displays
 or Winner/Loser templates, dynamically update in real-time, and without any external prompting.


ChyronHego’s data-driven election integration supports your channel branding, control room playout and even studio-based virtual and augmented reality graphics. And, exporting to your website and mobile provider is automatic, fast and tailored to your station’s brand ID.


Well, put all of that data to work for you by downloading our information sheet, ENGAGE Data Services for Elections, or by selecting one of our 2016 Election Packages.

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