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Posted by Mark Gederman on May 3, 2016 12:45:37 PM
Mark Gederman


ChyronHego recently published a white paper to help prepare the way and to consolidate industry mindshare around the concepts of the CAMIO Universe. The CAMIO Universe is our vision of a next-generation, software-driven broadcast operation that creates a comprehensive and integrated software ecosystem for producer-driven news production workflows.

In the CAMIO Universe, producers and journalists are directly involved in the process of creating and managing content, including content that heretofore was outside the traditional realm of the newsroom, such as weather graphics and virtual graphics.


The white paper considers the historical, and not unrelated technological, trends of the last three decades that impacted the future and fortunes of our print and radio cousins. These same forces now confront television news broadcasters who are already reeling from the continued growth of multi-platform and OTT video delivery services over IP networks. At the same time, viewers have never had higher expectations for television news – not only for accurate and up-to-the-minute coverage, but also for stories that are presented in new and compelling ways.

Momentum continues to build as ChyronHego launches the CAMIO Universe. We hope you will take the opportunity to consider the advantages of this new and exciting news production model by downloading and reading our white paper, The Next Generation Newsroom. A Unified, Producer-Driven Workflow for Content-Centric News Operations.


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