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Posted by Mark Gederman on Mar 18, 2016 12:12:38 PM
Mark Gederman

The migration to IP is top-of-mind for many broadcast operations, but so far the focus is mostly on identifying a single standard for video transmission over Ethernet connections. At ChyronHego, we believe that the IP migration is about much more than replacing a cable; it requires a completely integrated, end-to-end, software-based approach that leverages standard IT equipment and infrastructure.

We’ve channeled a strong development effort into making sure our solutions are tightly integrated to power complete workflows. It is these workflows that are ChyronHego’s central focus and our main theme at this year’s NAB Show.

It’s important to keep in mind — and perhaps take some comfort in — that both our print and radio brethren have already walked the path to this transition. Both have standardized on IT-based, software driven infrastructures, and as a result have replaced numerous and dedicated tools with, in most cases, a single unified workflow.

While that transition was not without some level of pain and challenges, print and radio successfully made the transition — and so will television broadcasters. The benefits clearly outweigh the negatives.

Looking ahead, producers and journalists will focus on content creation and not the underlying technology. Content creators rather than technology specialists will manage the workflow.

At ChyronHego, we believe that it is our responsibility to lead and guide our customers in this transition. It is our responsibility to ensure that our customers come out of this transition with the ability to create more content per spent dollar.

And while it may sound boastful, ChyronHego is uniquely positioned to succeed. After all, we’ve been down this path before. We invented modern TV graphics. We created the modern news graphics workflow. And, we’re undisputed innovators in live sports production.

Yes indeed. It’s happening.


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