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Posted by Karl Eggestad on Jun 16, 2016 5:13:35 AM
Karl Eggestad

Weather matters. Whether you are planning your daily commute to the office or to drop off the kids at football practice. Whether your organization operates a fleet of package carriers, trade energy futures, or an airport that needs to plan for contingencies due to an onset of fog.

Regardless of where and what your interaction with nature is, presenting high-quality weather information in an accurate and attractive way offers a competitive advantage and positions you to plan better. This essential position is known as weather preparedness.

The key to weather preparedness is weather data, processing and display. Not just any data from one source - LOTS of data, from LOTS of sources.

Weather data in today’s interconnected world is to some extent a commodity, but the expertise, knowledge and experience in utilizing the data, combining different sources for different situations or geographies, is not a commodity. It is the work of a team with decades of experience from all aspects of the weather industry in all corners of the world.


Since the early 1990s, the Metacast team of ChyronHego has been selected as the ideal partner for government, military, television broadcasting and online news organizations, IP-based media houses, as well as for weather bloggers. ChyronHego knows weather.

Weather forecasts covered by news organizations and online media are extremely time critical. The elapsed time from a significant weather forecast to the moment of impact can be minutes, which can result in little or no preparation or response time. Having tools that allow you to quickly turn raw data into valuable information for the audience and content conveyor makes a huge difference.

Karl Eggestad, Global Sales Director for Metacast, ChyronHego

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