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Posted by Jesper Gawell on Apr 8, 2016 8:00:00 AM
Jesper Gawell
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With the CAMIO Universe, we’re introducing a centralized, producer-driven workflow that places producers, journalists, and directors in control of content creation and play-out. It’s a stark contrast to old-school production workflows driven by standalone hardware systems that are costly to own and operate (and thus represent significant CAPEX). No longer at the mercy of complex hardware and technologies that once created delays and required specialized technicians, producers are empowered to tell a story efficiently and in the exact manner they wish.

Producers are not the only winners:

  • Stations are able to invest in storytelling by making content generation fast and simple. 

  • Directors now have a single, easy-to-use tool for constructing all of the cues for a show including cameras, switchers, audio, virtual sets, graphics, and more.

  • Editors can build, edit, and package graphics quickly and easily that are brand-conforming and indistinguishable from live graphics.

  • Art departments are able to unify the brand across a station, network, or station group and maintain content across all clients from a single interface.

  • Journalists are equipped with highly creative tools such as Broadcast Graphics, Weather Graphics, Virtual and Augmented graphics, Interactive touchscreen graphics, available from within the newsroom environment. 

In the CAMIO Universe, users quickly enhance their stories with news and weather graphics, edit content and add graphics in their non-linear edit environment (NLEs), create compelling and visually stunning interactive touchscreens, and generate virtual graphics to accompany the station’s virtual studio design. 

In addition, with CAMIO Universe's cloud-based content storage and content distribution, CAMIO Universe is a true catalyst for cooperation between stations, remote location production, and sharing of resources and assets. Users create and order content directly without ever having to leave their familiar production environment, and they can work continuously while orders are delivered in the background.

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