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Posted by Karl Eggestad on Sep 3, 2016 7:34:33 PM
Karl Eggestad

The North Atlantic and Pacific Tropical Weather Season just turned very active, and with no less than four tropical systems and two additional potential developing storm systems, your weather coverage for audiences around the world just got very busy.

On top of that, your audience, be it in Europe, Africa, Australasia or in the Americas, will experience local weather stories that need to be covered with compelling graphics, real weather data and with frequent updates as the situation unfolds. Your meteorologists will have their schedules filled, covering local and national or international stories, but will they have all the tools necessary to take their storytelling to the next level?

In situations where one might have multiple concurrent local, national and international events, your weather team and your news team need to be interconnected, sharing information and content. Everyone needs to be using the same information backbone for successful production results.



At IBC 2016 in Amsterdam, ChyronHego will showcase a major update to our Metacast offering - the integration into the CAMIO Universe workflow. With Metacast with CAMIO Universe, your newsdesk has access to high value data, template fulfillment and instant production of continuously updated weather content, without straining your weather or graphics resources. Metacast turns raw data into information, value, great content and viewership ratings, on TV, online, and on-the-go.

Metacast is more tightly integrated with the newsroom than any other system on the market, and the meteorologist’s expertise can be instantly leveraged by any producer or editor within your news operation.



The key to empowering your weather news coverage, is to facilitate the meteorologist’s sharing of assets and data with the newsdesk. With Metacast from ChyronHego, this is all in the workflow. Effective news, sports, weather workflows - that's what we do. At IBC 2016, in Hall 7, at Stand D11, weather news comes alive in the newsroom production.

Until next time; stay weather aware and weather prepared, and see you at the RAI Amsterdam!



Topics: Weather, Metacast, IBC 2016