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Posted by Nazneen Ayaz on Feb 16, 2017 5:00:00 AM
Nazneen Ayaz

ATG – the governing body of all horse racing in Sweden, and its broadcast arm – Kanal 75, have always been at the forefront of producing world-leading broadcasts from more than 350 races every year. But innovation can never stop, and with inspiration from sports such as football and baseball, Kanal 75 wanted to explore the possibilities of using real-time tracking data in connection with live on-air visual enhancements in a new, innovative and compelling way to their viewers.

As the leading provider of products and services within sports tracking and real-time visualizations for live broadcast, ChyronHego was the natural fit to achieve the aspirations of ATG.

"The solution from ChyronHego has enabled us to reach not only our "hard-core fans" but also to expand our base of potential new customers over time. The TV graphics and onsite graphics enhance the experience for the viewers/spectators by providing graphics and brand new types of statistics. Furthermore, with new digital solutions, the data (and graphics) open up the doors for completely and never-seen-before apps which also enhance the possibilities to reach new - and younger - audiences," said Per Tellander, CEO at Kanal 75.

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