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Chyron at IBC 2023

It all started in 1966. We developed the character generator and defined the category. Today, we continue that tradition of innovation with a strong commitment to research and development backed by expert services and support.

Chyron is once again redefining broadcast technology. Chyron products are found in rack rooms, control rooms and live production trucks across the globe, but we are moving into new territory. Relentlessly innovating, today we offer complete solutions for any live video production, including news, sports, venues, eSports, corporations, houses of worship, and education. Looking towards the future, we build software platforms that are reliable, scalable, IP-ready and fully web-based.

Chyron development is focused on end-to-end multi-functional platforms, deployable on premises or in the cloud that are flexible and scalable to the customer’s needs. The PRIME Platform™ may be deployed with a range of functionalities, from graphics, to vision mixing, branding, video walls, venue control, augmented reality, touchscreen and more. For streamlined, cost-effective production, Chyron offers LIVE®, with cloud-native switching, graphics, commentary, replay and telestration. Lastly, Chyron offers other interoperable solutions for newsrooms & MOS integrations, weather, illustrated replay, virtual sets, and more.


Company Outlook

Company Outlook

Growth by the Numbers

  • 57th year in business

  • 9% Year over Year Growth

  • 8% Increase in Staff with an emphasis on Research and Development

  • Key to serving our customers well = Healthy Business

Focus on the Future

  • Helping customers  utilize the full range of our portfolio

  • Modern Storytelling
    • Remote production via cloud workflows
    • AI driven efficiencies
    • Data
    • Commitment to service

Commitment to the Region

  • New Senior VP of Sales EMEA
    • Chyron recently announced the appointment of Alain Polgar as the company’s senior vice president of sales for the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) and Asia-Pacific (APAC) regions. With decades of experience in senior roles across the broadcast media, technology, and streaming market ecosystem, Polgar comes to this position prepared to lead customer-centric growth and guide the Chyron team in elevating customer satisfaction throughout key markets.
  • We recognize and embrace the needs of customers in EMEA and APAC

  • EMEA and APAC offices
    • Brno
    • Stockholm

Sports Broadcasting Portfolio Summary

PRIME Platform™

  • The PRIME Platform™ is Chyron’s pioneering, live production engine. Bridge your legacy workflows with the future of live-content creation and distribution. PRIME is dynamically customizable and scalable to provide the functionality and resource your production needs. PRIME helps broadcasters produce shows, create graphics, manage content and drive all the dynamic production elements that captivate audiences with a range of live production modules.

  • Supports other applications including vision mixing, clip server, venue control, edge graphics (viewer controlled), and downstream branding

  • PRIME for CG graphical overlays, video walls, and touchscreen graphics.



  • From the living room to the locker room, PAINT™ has the highest global reach of any telestrator on the market today. With a feature-rich toolset of replay creation tools, 3D telestration effects, and unique live data integrations - PAINT helps pundits, commentators, and producers elevate their on-air sports analysis to new heights. Engage your fans in the magic of sport with dynamic, eye-catching illustrated replays that break down the brilliance on display in every match.
  • Replay and telestration (illustrated replay)


Virtual Placement™

  • Based on highly-advanced real-time image-processing algorithms, Virtual Placement™ incorporates virtual graphics into any live broadcast quickly and easily. With Virtual Placement, users can insert FIFA®-certified virtual offside lines (VOL), distance to goal measurements and carpet goal ads on the soccer pitch / in stadium.  With Virtual 1st, users can insert virtual lines of scrimmage, 1st down markers and sponsored advertisements for American Football. Sports-specific modules are also available for Baseball, Basketball, Tennis and Rugby.

  • Adding virtual field markings (such as offsides lines, down and distance lines, and more), carpet advertisements, and any other element that appears to be part of the physical elements shown in live video.


Co-Brands with TRACAB and HEGO

  • Based on highly-advanced real-time image-processing algorithms, Virtual Placement™ incorporates virtual graphics into any live broadcast quickly and easily. With Virtual Placement, users can insert FIFA®-certified virtual offside lines (VOL), distance to goal measurements and carpet goal ads on the soccer pitch / in stadium.  With Virtual 1st, users can insert virtual lines of scrimmage, 1st down markers and sponsored advertisements for American Football. Sports-specific modules are also available for Baseball, Basketball, Tennis and Rugby.

  • Adding virtual field markings (such as offsides lines, down and distance lines, and more), carpet advertisements, and any other element that appears to be part of the physical elements shown in live video


Advantages of Chyron for Sports

  • Eye-catching animated graphics

    • Design what you want, present how you want.
    • PRIME offers one comprehensive toolset for the creation and playout of live overlays (CG), video walls, touchscreen, and more.
    • PRIME offers endless possibilities to design natively as well as PhotoShop import and AfterEffects Warp Clips

  • Powerful Data Management

    • Easiest, fastest, and most comprehensive data handling in the industry without expensive add-ons.
    • PRIME can automate the population of data to certain fields in a graphics scene.
    • PRIME goes well beyond the basics with high-end features to:
      • Speed up the data integration process
      • Manage and parse large data sets
      • Allow graphics to not only present data but to change their appearance based on data
      • Offer operators powerful controls for on-the-fly decisions about how and what data is to be displayed

  • Comprehensive, Proven Integration with Leading Data Providers

    • Sportradar
    • Genius Sports
    • Betfred
    • Sports Media Technology
    • TRACAB
      • Offers FIFA certified player tracking technology
  • Lightning Fast Manual Playout

    • Playout operators for sports broadcasters have only seconds to get the right content on air at the right time. 
    • PRIME offers the ability to create bespoke control panels for on-the-fly changes, data driven recall and updates, and numerous rapid playout keyboard shortcuts.

  • Comprehensive Sports Storytelling Portfolio

    • Chyron helps sports broadcasters engage and inform viewers with specialized sports storytelling tools.
    • PAINT offers state-of-the-art illustrated replay.
    • VP (virtual placement) offers realistic virtual lines and imagery that appears to be part of the physical environment in any live video: on the field lines, carpet adverts on the field, and sponsor messages around the pitch.

  • Sport Specific Production Services

    • Chyron works closely with its co-brand, HEGO.
    • HEGO offers seasoned production crew, with deep technical expertise as well as knowledge of the game, for events worldwide, either onsite or remotely.


What's New?

  • PRIME 4.7 

    • Introduced a powerful data table resource that makes it easier for sports networks and leagues to leverage large data sets to tell the story of a sporting event, significantly reducing the time needed to create league tables, team rosters, or dynamic player highlight templates.

    • New additions to PRIME’s control panel creation toolbox enable users to make simplified playout interfaces, in turn revving up operations in the production truck or control room.

    • New appearance and layout properties provide simple formatting of button size, position, and visuals, while a new base scene control resource enhances a designer’s experience for customizing control when working with parent scene graphics.

    • New shortcut keys for common sports operations, such as transferring or clearing all graphics from program to preview, add further efficiency to playout.


  • PRIME 4.8

    • With its brand-new JavaScript Effect & Resource tool, PRIME 4.8 gives users an intuitive interface with which to import and edit scripts entirely within the platform — and effortlessly apply them as parameters at the object, scene, project, and application level. Accompanying the new JavaScript tools is a host of new settings for scripting sandboxing security.

    • PRIME’s new auto-follow features help designers to create complex graphics that adapt to varying stats, and a new virtual group effect binds separate scene object positions together for a one-time design of table graphics with changing rows and columns.

    • For automated productions driven by external updates or by Chyron’s Intelligent Interface (II) protocol, new message ranges in PRIME save hours of time by eliminating the need to design hundreds of graphics variations. Instead, designers create a single playout recall range that references a parent scene template.

    • For playout operators, the Replaceable Panel provides rapid edit access to text, images, and style values — and control over external updates and data-bindings. Support for multiple graphic subfolders makes it easy for broadcasters to drive a variety of sports productions from a single project, using identical numeric recalls for playout on every show.


  • PRIME 4.9 (Beta at IBC 2023)
    • Focus on optimized performance and continued commitment to fast, efficient data management at every point in the graphics workflow. 

    • Auto-bypass in the case of a hardware crash may be implemented now directly from the user interface. Memory Preview options offer a choice to drop frames in preview to conserve memory resources. The GPU Texture Memory Preview offers improved texture caching to accommodate more and larger clip files. 

    • Adding to the already impressive array of PRIME data-centric features, PRIME now offers a workflow for SMT (SportsMEDIA Technology) data. Additionally, any type of data managed by PRIME may now be tied to PRIME base scenes. A base scene can serve as a reference for design elements of multiple scenes, thus allowing the design of a complete package or group of scenes to be modified simply by changing the base scene. That same efficiency may now be achieved for changing the data or data set referenced by a group of scenes.


  • PAINT 9.6 (Beta at IBC 2023)
    • Advanced Cut Out Tool features that can be used within a live preview of the video. It is also possible now to add keyframing, placing the cut out player in more than one position over time.

    • Host of Cursor Tools that include the Cursor Ball Tool, which can create balls (or in the case of hockey, a puck) for any of eight different sports. There is also the XO tool, which can create an X or an O, helpful for showing positions or formations, and a Zoom Circle tool, which creates a zoom on the ball. In addition to these various object and positional indicators, PAINT now allows the analyst to highlight an entire region on the pitch, field or other playing surface.

    • Users may now edit a property of a tool across multiple instances of the tool all at once. For example, if a user creates a circle around each of three players, they can bulk select those circles to simultaneously change the diameter, the color or any other property of those circles all at once, saving time and ensuring a consistent look. 

    • Working with keyframes, users can speed their process by utilizing a new keyboard shortcut that allows them to jump to the next or previous keyframe. Another time saver is the ability to bulk import clips, automatically checking if they are each in the correct format.
    • New notification features help eliminate confusion or time-wasting errors. Because use of the 3D tool requires 3D Pitch Calibration, a notification appears for users who try to use the 3D tool without the proper calibration, for clarification. Additional new notification features are associated with the clip menu to alert users if they are about to overwrite existing paths or calibrations. 

    • Multi-Angle telestration allows the presenter may telestrate the video from one camera, but with this new feature, the telestration can appear automatically on video from other cameras showing the same event. Broadening capabilities for how PAINT content is presented to audiences, users can now easily select a pre-configured “skin” from a dropdown menu. The skin determines what aspects of the user interface are visible to the viewer and how they are arranged. There is also a Presentation Window that allows users two options: one with the user interface and one with only the telestrated video without the UI tools. 

Cloud-Native All-In-One
(Chyron LIVE)

Chyron LIVE®

    • Chyron LIVE® is a cloud native, all-in-one live production application that includes broadcast-grade animated graphics, multi-camera vision mixing, clip playback, illustrated sports replay, and audio control, all from a single user interface. Chyron LIVE is hosted on the AWS cloud and has been developed according to AWS best practices. Users may log in from anywhere with internet access via a web browser, working solo or in distributed teams.


Key Advantages of Chyron LIVE

  • Web-based Complete Live Production Platform

  • Extremely Cost Effective Live Production
  • Flexible Input & Output Capabilities

  • Built for the Cloud

What's New?

  • Launch to Now 

    • Chyron LIVE launched in April of 2022 and shortly afterwards, won the NAB Best In Show awards.

    • Since then, numerous Proof of Concept trials have been implemented with a variety of organizations, from large scale live production services organizations to small university athletic programs. These POCs have garnered kudos from users and have provided invaluable feedback, driving the development of Chyron LIVE to achieve the vision of a unique, comprehensive production tool, available at a low cost barrier to entry, enabling any organization to produce and monetize broadcast grade live content.

  • LIVE 1.3 

    • Introduced a Matchpad module that empowers virtually any user to manage dynamic motion graphics for live sports production by providing an easy, intuitive sport-specific user interface with all of the tools needed to cover the particular sport. This first implementation of Matchpad in LIVE 1.3 focuses on football (soccer), but the technology provides a foundation for simplified graphics control interfaces for a variety of sports in future LIVE releases.

    • Prior to a game, users enter team and player information and branding elements into a simple configuration spreadsheet. During the game, this spreadsheet automatically populates the event’s graphic design template. As a play unfolds, a visually intuitive control panel provides straightforward controls for highlighting important game elements — goals, yellow/red flags, lineups, substitutions, and more — and push-button commands for bringing in sponsor graphics during key game moments.

    • Enhanced streaming capabilities, improved configuration settings, and increased user control. The new SRT Caller Output allows users to send the live production output to a specific device for playout, ensuring it smoothly traverses the IT firewall network through a trusted IP and port address. A new input/output configuration provides more information about essential settings for different streaming connections, as well as advanced settings to optimize redundancy, bitrate, and CIDR parameters.


  • LIVE 1.4
    • New AI-based instant replay tool that empowers production crews — especially those in single-operator scenarios — by automatically detecting and clipping major plays so they can be quickly and easily inserted into the live program. While currently available only for soccer, this tool provides a technological foundation for various sports in future LIVE releases. When the algorithm watches the camera inputs and recognizes an interesting play, such as a player taking a shot on net or a goal being scored, an icon indicates that a point of interest is occurring and the operator simply clicks the icon to generate the replay clip around the play.  For greater control and flexibility, users can manually adjust the start point of the AI-generated clip.

    • The Replay Transition effect effectively serves as a built-in macro, triggering several actions that are commonly involved in a replay: queue up a transition wipe, play the graphic, start the clip, and animate the clip off with another transition, saving the operator the time of executing each action individually and bringing enterprise switcher efficiency to Chyron LIVE
    • Management of telestration effects made much more intuitive, allowing operators to adjust the pathing keyframes and effect duration, and to delete specific effects from a saved clip without needing to start over.


  • LIVE 1.5 (Beta at IBC 2023)
    • Improved security features, including encryption for SRT streams and SRT audio, encrypted Web RTC commentary, RTMPS encryption, and alerts for input or assets that are not encrypted. Specifically, these features position Chyron LIVE for the AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR). The FTR enables partners, such as Chyron LIVE to identify and remediate risks, promoting AWS Well-Architected.

    • Improving the SaaS and remote workflow experience, Chyron LIVE now offers self service user activation of a Chyron LIVE production environment. Further, the user interface now offers responsive design, allowing users to work from a desktop, laptop or tablet, regardless of monitor size, and be able to see the entire user interface.

    • Clips, both those imported to LIVE as well as the replay clips created in LIVE play an important role in the Chyron LIVE production workflow. Based on user feedback, the LIVE 1.5 release features auto-play for clips in the output channel, eliminating a mouse click when speed is crucial. Auto-clear of an Instant Replay now means that the operator does not need to manually clear a channel upon completion of the replay. 

News Broadcasting Portfolio Summary

PRIME Platform™

    • The PRIME Platform™ is a graphics powerhouse offering one comprehensive toolset for the design and playout of live to air graphical overlays (CG graphics), video walls, clips and touchscreen graphics. Additional modules include software-based vision mixing, downstream branding, and edge (viewer selected) graphics.


    • CAMIO®, our MOS-driven, graphics template management solution, is built for fast-paced news organizations. Eliminate the need for repetitive orders for new graphics design, as CAMIO® transforms your templates, graphics, and clips into reusable assets. With minimal training, producers can easily access graphics, fulfill them with text, images or clips and then add them to any story in the news rundown for automated playout. In addition to core graphics, CAMIO® can drive other production elements including virtual sets and video walls.

    • CAMIO® has been verified with numerous NRCS (newsroom computer systems) including AP’s ENPS, Avid iNews, Octopus, DINA


    • AXIS™ is the proven leader in secure, hosted, on-demand graphics order management, design and animation. With AXIS, everyone from reporters to editors to news producers can quickly locate images, maps and charts, to bring stories and data to life. Composition that once took hours now takes minutes, allowing your graphic artists to concentrate on more complex design while journalists get exactly the illustrations they need for their stories.

    • AXIS can integrate with CAMIO and AXIS assets may populate PRIME graphics.


    • PRIME VSAR™ merges the cutting-edge graphics of Epic Games’ Unreal® Engine with Chyron’s built-for-broadcast design, editorial, and live production capabilities. Unleash creativity to create mind-blowing virtual productions with unparalleled photorealism, backed by a workflow that enables your entire team to leverage the power of Unreal to drive ROI in your everyday programming. PRIME VSAR handles virtual your way, supporting larger-than-life virtual environments in a green screen studio, augmented reality elements on a physical set, and tracked virtual set extensions feeding directly into your video walls.

Chyron Weather™

    • From weekly forecasts to severe weather and major storm coverage, Chyron Weather™ delivers high-value content on demand to your viewers, for output on air, on the web, streaming or to social media. Broadcast regular forecasts, emergency information or integrate weather with other news and sports content. For example, show your viewers real-time weather conditions at the scene of a major accident, or how the local weather forecast is developing up to and through a major sporting event.


Advantages of Chyron for News

  • PRIME Platform with Data Enriched Storytelling
    Design, animate, automate data integration and playout via any NRCS, automation or via powerful manual playout efficiencies.

  • CAMIO Integrates with the NRCS of Your Choice

    • Verified with AP ENPS, Avid iNEWS, Octopus, SNews Arion, OpenMedia, and Inception News, CAMIO’s LUCI plugin is intuitive, allowing producers and journalists to select the assets they need to air along with their stories.
  • CAMIO Drives More than Just Graphics

    • While similar MOS-NRCS integration systems work with only CG graphics, CAMIO allows the full efficiency of also being able to select video wall content and virtual sets to accompany any story. CAMIO can even insert weather segments generated by Chyron Weather into the NRCS rundown.
    • CAMIO can now also drive camera cues for a mixerless workflow.

  • CAMIO Leverages PRIME Styles for Powerful Newsroom Flexibility

    • For complete flexibility, within the newsroom, PRIME graphics may reference a style. The producer or journalist, within their NRCS interface’s CAMIO LUCI plugin, can select the referenced style. For example, a graphic used in the “morning news style” could be repurposed simply by selecting the “evening news style.”

  • CAMIO Integrates with the NLE of Your Choice

    • CAMIO can not only send your PRIME graphics to the NRCS rundown for live playout, but can also send them to leading NLE (non-linear editors) bringing PRIME graphics into the post-production video editing suite so that your edited pieces such as pre-recorded interviews or mini-documentaries have the same graphics look as your live graphics, without additional design work.
    • CAMIO integrates PRIME graphics with Grass Valley Edius, and more!

  • Chyron Weather

    • Weather is a key element of many newscasts. Chyron Weather offers a comprehensive toolset that brings together design and data, serving the needs of the meteorologist presenter as well as offering content suitable for broadcast without a meteorologist.


What's New?

  • CAMIO 5.3 

    • New User Access Control Panel allows administrators to create dynamic user permission groups across distributed teams.. Thus, local stations enjoy edit access over localized graphics projects without overwriting master packages that should only be edited by the designated art department. With either a centralized hub-and-spoke model or a more distributed stem-and-leaf model, the right people have the right permissions to access and edit content.

    • New API connecting PRIME and CAMIO that enables XMP metadata to auto-fill replaceable text fields of PRIME graphics within CAMIO, saving time and eliminating typos. Additionally, a new timecode OUT for graphics allows journalists and producers working with CAMIO’s NRCS plugin, LUCI, to specify a precise time when the graphic playout ends, overriding any duration set in the template’s animations.
    • Provides an easy pathway to bring PRIME graphics from a CAMIO template library into an Edius editing project. The CAMIO NLE Plugin has long been a feature of CAMIO, and ongoing updates to accommodate leading NLE applications help users ensure a consistent look across live and post-produced content, often through efficient, centralized creation of all graphics for live and post.

    • CAMIO 5.3 now integrates with SNews Arion, an NRCS that is gaining traction in the news industry with its easy-to-use interface and tools. This furthers Chyron’s commitment to ensure that CAMIO works in all newsroom environments, regardless of the NRCS vendor. Chyron also has upgraded existing NRCS integrations with support for the latest versions of ENPS, OpenMedia, iNews, and Inception News.

  • CAMIO 5.4 (Beta at IBC 2023) 

    • Offers integration with Seven Mountains DiNA, a fully cloud-based NRCS with an on premises gateway
    • Includes new asset management efficiency and quality features: watch folder ingest logic, exportable folder content lists, a file size meter displayed prior to file transfers, user defined asset deletion preferences across a hub and spoke ecosystem and user defined preferences for asset purge filters.

  • PRIME 4.7 
    • Link any object in the scene tree for auto follow, enabling creation of endlessly-adaptable scenes. Users can further customize their auto follow parameters with settings for position, scale, and minimum padding – to nail a specific look.

    • New Scene Tree Search Highlight function displays search results for scene elements while maintaining the scene hierarchy.
    • Generate assets for pre-production and post-production at optimal file sizes entirely within PRIME, rather than cropping assets in a third-party application. The Canvas Region of Interest makes it easy to crop scenes for thumbnails and export as image or movie files – perfect for removing unneeded alpha space that bloats file size.

    • New Shadow and Feather properties ensure shadows will look elegant when used alongside clip plane effects, ensuring they don’t render as hard edges in your scene.

    • Auto-fill the descriptions of replaceables in a scene with the ID name to ensure that templates uploaded to CAMIO LUCI module always have the essential replaceable name value.

    • XMP databinding will carry through to CAMIO’s LUCI module, ensuring producers can leverage the same simplified workflow within their NRCS.

    • New Playout Condition Hotkeys make it possible to tab into a control panel object and press a hotkey to run a condition, such as changing the color or font weight of a selected object on command.

    • Apply changes at the scene-group level with a new Parent Keyword syntax command that can be applied to Condition Hotkeys. Additional syntax commands provide greater control and visibility over expansive, multichannel playout environments – without the need to resort to complex C# scripting. These commands can control channels, display available playout resources, start/stop specific objects in channels, and much more – all of which are bindable to Condition Hotkeys.

    • Provides warning prompts when it detects conflicts within your parameters, providing details of conflicts and missing children objects for troubleshooting purposes.

    • Displays input status signals for RTP, RTSP, RTMP, and RTMPS streams within the user interface. Previously, these input status signals were limited to traditional SDI, NDI, and IP signals.

    • The PRIME user interface will now clearly display PRIME software and engine versions, along with warning pop-ups when running incompatible software + hardware configurations.


  • PRIME 4.8 
    • New Message Range feature for automated productions driven by external updates or Chyron’s Intelligent Interface protocol. Message Ranges save hours of operator time by eliminating the design requirement for hundreds of graphics variations. Rather than creating every graphic file on disk, designers can create a single playout recall range that will reference a parent scene template.

    • New Table Resource as a replaceable element within a scene, making this data available and editable in the NRCS via Chyron’s CAMIO workflow or updatable via automated production controls.

    • New color-grading tools across all PRIME input and output channels enable users to import and assign the same LUT (Look Up Table) file presets in-use on their video feeds to PRIME graphics — resulting in the perfect HDR output without the need for downstream conversion hardware.

    • Render clips directly from the playout interface in any of PRIME’s supported codecs, with support for region-of-interest export to optimize file sizes. 


  • PRIME 4.9 (Beta at IBC 2023) 
    • Auto-bypass in the case of a hardware crash may be implemented now directly from the user interface. Memory Preview options offer a choice to drop frames in preview to conserve memory resources. The GPU Texture Memory Preview offers improved texture caching to accommodate more and larger clip files.

    • Any type of data managed by PRIME may now be tied to PRIME base scenes. A base scene can serve as a reference for design elements of multiple scenes, thus allowing the design of a complete package or group of scenes to be modified simply by changing the base scene. That same efficiency may now be achieved for changing the data or data set referenced by a group of scenes. For example, scenes created for election coverage may be repurposed from coverage of one region to another simply by changing to a base scene that references a different data source. 


  • Chyron Weather 2.0 (Beta at IBC 2023) 
    • Simple Weather Graphics Creation and Presentation
      • Chyron Weather offers easy-to-learn interfaces for customizing weather graphics and assembling fluid weather forecast presentations
    • Seamless Data Connectivity and Graphics Integration

      • Chyron Weather can interface with all forms of data sets (point data, file-based data, GRIB files) with native API connections and leverage that data to drive all variety of graphic properties.

    • Flexible System Architecture
      • From affordable single-server base packages to wide-ranging distributed systems, Chyron Weather can adapt to any station’s forecasting needs - and is easily controllable via scripting tools.

    • Seamless Newsroom Integration
      • Via Chyron CAMIO, just as Chyron PRIME CG graphics, as well as PRIME Video Walls and virtual sets may be selected by a producer or journalist to be linked to a news story and then automatically triggered to play at the correct time by the news rundown, weather segments generated by Chyron Weather may also be added to the news rundown to playout automatically.