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Building on a 2023 of exciting new features and efficiency improvements, PRIME 4.9 continues to simplify efforts for every team member behind your on-air graphics. With innovative control improvements for playout operators, interface adaptability enhancements for designers, and additional upgrades to the latest, powerful features introduced to PRIME – Version 4.9 has something for everyone to get excited about.

PRIME 4.9-PR-update-1

Further Simplify Complex Design Tasks

Duplicate Effect

Say goodbye to arduous cell-by-cell data binding when creating a table graphic with a new feature that turns the effort into a one-time operation. PRIME 4.9’s Duplicate Effect recognizes links between a graphic element and an entry in your data set, allowing you to duplicate that graphic element multiple times with links to the subsequent data values in your connected source. Craft the first row in your data-linked table graphic and quickly populate the rest of the information with the push of a button.

Table Resource Integration With Any Data Object

With PRIME 4.9, the table resource can integrate with the full range of industry-standard data sources - such as text files, standard Excel files, web-based JSON data, online databases, and much more - enabling designers to leverage and customize their preferred data all within the PRIME application.

Syntax Improvements for Javascripting

New syntax commands provide more opportunities to leverage PRIME’s recently-added JavaScript Effect and Resource toolset, with scriptable “before” and “after” evaluation functions on graphic style sheets.

Playout Operator Speed

Consistent Playout for Fast-Paced Productions

Improved Keyboard Control for Playout

Based on feedback from playout operators working in fast-paced sports broadcasts, PRIME keyboard controls are now more consistent when recalling messages and tabbing into control panels. Enjoy effective control of multi-channel CGs without having to touch your mouse!

Recall Box Numpad Settings

Another request from our PRIME playout operator community. With PRIME 4.9, users now have the option to lock the recall box to numpad control only, or open it up for mouse-click and tab. This option can eliminate opportunities for error when playout operators have to rapidly switch between scenes and update numeric values in a graphic during a show.

Control Panel Cache

To enhance the recall speed of control panels when switching back and forth between scenes, PRIME users now have the option to cache a control panel after an initial load, ensuring subsequent reloads of the scene provide millisecond access to playout controls.

Hide/Show Replaceables

With the last PRIME 4.8 release, the introduction of the Replaceable Panel provided a quick-start control panel for editing replaceable scene elements in the playout interface. With PRIME 4.9, users can display or hide replaceable fields in the interface, to keep playout-level editing to the essential elements.

Import and Export Playout Configurations

A handy feature when alternating between different shows, PRIME 4.9 enables import and export of playout configuration settings, allowing users to rapidly re-configure their graphics system for different use case requirements.

Table Resource

Adaptive Interface for Graphic Designers

Preview Proxy Optimization

A great feature for customers working with media-heavy screens or 4K monitor wall environments, the new preview proxy settings can enhance program output performance by reducing the frame settings of PRIME's preview channel.

PRIME Timeline – Zoom on Keyframes

A feature reminiscent of leading design programs like Adobe, PRIME 4.9 enables designers to zoom in on keyframes when working on a scene, vastly improving readability and editability when working with complex graphics with numerous keyframe elements that require precise timing.

PRIME Timeline – Add Action

Another PRIME 4.9 timeline improvement enhances the creation and organization of keyframe control Actions with a default "add action" icon that automatically focuses on the newly-created action. No more having to scroll and navigate dropdowns when editing complex multi-action scenes.

Smooth Renaming of Scene Tree Objects

In earlier versions of PRIME, renaming objects in the scene tree required a manual right-click + rename on every object. With PRIME 4.9, when renaming an object, users can hit the up or down key to continue renaming subsequent objects in the scene tree – eliminating time spent clicking through every element.

PRIME Platform LIVE Production

Smooth Production Workflows

GPI In Resource

Input controls via General Purpose Interface (GPI) are now available as a resource within the PRIME toolbox at the scene, project, and application level – enabling simple commands from third-party devices to control PRIME playout operations.

Matrox Hardware Bypass

PRIME systems with a compatible Matrox DSX LE4 FH I/O card can now enter hardware bypass directly with version 4.9. An important update for PRIME Branding customers who utilize bypass to test graphics downstream before the final overlay, this PRIME 4.9 feature eliminates the requirement of a physical bypass panel.

SMT Sports Data Workflow

SMT is an essential third-party data provider for sports broadcasters to get real-time data on the major league sports their audiences care about. PRIME 4.9 delivers new features to provide reliable, direct connections to SMT data applications, ensure accurate collection, and filter out unwanted values from integration with graphics.

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