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The PRIME 4.6 version release brings updates to the PRIME Platform, PRIME CG’s Designer interface, and PRIME Edge interactive graphics. These enhancements empower users to realize uncompressed production workflows in the cloud, leverage data in real time to drive productions, and introduce exciting interactive graphic elements to online streams.


PRIME + Amazon CDI

Extended Uncompressed Video Workflow in the Cloud

AWS Cloud Digital Interface (CDI) – Alpha Support

With the latest 4.6 release, PRIME takes uncompressed video workflows in the cloud to even greater heights. When working in an AWS CDI environment, PRIME now supports planar alpha for 8-bit and 10-bit video – great for transport of key + fill graphics and multi-layered production outputs in the cloud.

Upload to Chyron LIVE

PRIME now contains a simple direct-upload tool that supports the transport of graphics from PRIME Designer into a cloud-native Chyron LIVE production instance. Users can upload individual assets or an entire project, including scene files, images, replaceable elements, and font files. The PRIME-to-LIVE uploader’s configuration settings make it easy to upload graphics and clips across multiple Chyron LIVE instances used for live production.

PRIME Designer Operator

Better Designer Organization and Navigation

Designer Tab & Type

To speed up editing of text-heavy graphics, designers can use a shortcut to tab between text fields within a graphic and immediately begin editing text when they land on their desired cell.

Upload to Chyron LIVE Bounding Box & Manipulators Toolbar Toggle

In another quality-of-life improvement, new toolbar icons for bounding boxes and manipulators make it easy for designers to turn these indicators on and off.

Designer User Improvements

Searching through and organizing an extensive library of objects in the scene tree is easier than ever, with responsive search that displays items by first character correlation and keyboard shortcuts to group and ungroup objects.

Nested Parameters

PRIME Designer’s new Parameter List function lets users organize and structure parameters within complex graphics. Users also can add new parameters to the list upon creation and drag and drop existing parameters into the list.

PRIME Playout Operator

Adaptive Live Graphics Playout

Live Editing of Text Data Sources

A data object bound to a text file now exhibits faster update performance and can be edited while the scene is running. New changes are displayed upon the next update.

Data Object Update Events

PRIME graphics can respond to new updates in data sets. A PRIME Graphic can, for example, dynamically update text and speed of the ticker crawl to play out in line with a set end-of-show time.

Control Panel Focus Executes Condition With a Hotkey

With this powerful new feature, operators can use hotkeys to run advanced conditions during playout, allowing for on-the-fly changes of graphics elements such as color or font weight.


Smarter, Fresher Interactive Graphic Design

Edge Scene Type in Designer

As Chyron works to bring all the effects functionality of PRIME CG to interactive PRIME Edge scenes, a new PRIME Edge Scene in PRIME Designer disables incompatible effects when designing an interactive graphic.

Touch Effect vs. Tap Event

When users are designing PRIME Edge interactive graphics, new tools help to differentiate between sliding gestures and static touches in the graphic, enabling creation of interactive lists that function smoothly for viewers.

Touch Effect Drag X, Y, XY

PRIME Designers can now set limitations on X, Y, and XY gesture movement to better solidify how viewers interact with an interactive graphic.


Dynamic Interactive Graphics

Multi-Channel Interactive Graphics Streams

With PRIME 4.6 the flexibility of a multichannel CG environment is available in PRIME Edge, with URLs tied to flexible virtual channels that allow for dynamic playout, removal, and layering of multiple interactive graphics over a stream.

Through simple software licensing, users can generate as many PRIME Edge channels as they’d like – creating an interactive graphics hub in their PRIME Edge Console that can power interactive graphics across their entire content network.

Browser-Based Playout Management

With PRIME Edge’s new dynamic graphics channels comes a simple web-based playout interface that allows producers to easily manage interactive graphics overlays. Users can load up projects, drag graphics into the channel playlist, layer multiple graphics in playout, and remove graphics from the feed. A live preview / program window makes it easy to monitor what’s visible to viewers, and users can even test graphics interactivity directly in the monitor windows.

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