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PRIME Platform 4.3

PRIME  Platform's latest 4.3 release adds the PRIME Edge module for deployment and management of broadcast-grade interactive graphics for OTT and streaming content. Version 4.3 also brings significant upgrades to PRIME CG and PRIME Switcher - learn more about them below!

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PRIME Edge - Compelling, Viewer-Defined Experiences

PRIME Edge is a cloud-based service for the management and deployment of broadcast-grade interactive graphics - created and powered by PRIME CG - across your OTT channels, streaming content, and online digital platforms.

By putting your viewers in the driver's seat with objects that respond to touch gestures and mouse clicks, PRIME Edge empowers your audience to curate the data they care about in-stream without having to divert attention to a second screen. 

Tantalize advertisers with high-value targeted content based on viewer selection with clickthrough calls-to-actions in our graphic that can redirect viewers to websites and e-commerce pages for purchase with this top-dollar sponsor real estate.

Greater CG Flexibility

QR Code Effect

Leverage your sponsors and partners with the implementation of QR codes in your broadcasts! Within PRIME Designer, you can generate a QR code as a scene object for eye-catching motion graphics to increase overall revenue generation with PRIME CG.

23.87 + 24 FPS Support

Support for 23.87 + 24 FPS (Frames Per Second) productions allows for cinema-style video and graphics for your broadcasts! Deliver your show with a Hollywood studio's quality the next time you go live with PRIME. 

NMOS IS05 Support

NMOS IS05 implementation allows for more efficient and dynamic configurations between NMOS and PRIME, ensuring device discoverability and connectivity in the latest IP workflows.

Scale to Fit Text

PRIME CG has more options than ever before in fitting different text lengths into predefined fields. Great for CAMIO MOS workflows where you'll constantly repurpose graphic templates to deliver the latest news. 


New PRIME Switcher Features

New DVE Creation Tool

PRIME Switcher now offers a simplified DVE (Digital Video Effects) creation tool that is familiar to traditional switcher operators. It's easy to create picture-in-picture scenes or multi-box shots from the dedicated interface on the PRIME Switcher software panel.

NDI Tally Support

NDI tallies are now available in PRIME Switcher productions! This addition will aid in all production coordination as camera operators can more clearly identify which camera is currently live on-air and in preview.

Audio Master Control Output

This audio master control output on the PRIME Switcher gives you control over all audio levels in your mixer at once! Now you can adjust your overall program audio level with a single fader rather than adjusting each channel individually.

Want to explore how you can leverage a complete automated production studio on a single software platform? Have questions about the latest PRIME Platform V4.3 features?
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