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PRIME Live Platform 4.1

There's a lot to love in the 4.1 release of PRIME Live Platform, including a brand-new production automation layer,  significant switcher/audio mixer feature enhancements, and other release epics.

PRIME Commander – Production Automation

Within the PRIME Live Platform, Commander unifies control of nearly all PRIME Live modules - as well as essential third-party devices - into a single interface that orchestrates your show according to a precise playlist sequence. Smoothly integrating with your MOS-newsroom environment, PRIME Commander builds playlists from the rundowns in your NRCS of choice in real-time while working in tandem with CAMIO to ensure content is in the right channel at the right time. 

By merging production automation with a cloud-enabled, signal-independent, all-in-one production engine - the PRIME Live Platform lets you untether automation from the traditional control room environment. Perfect for creating a complete automated studio in the cloud or leveraging the power of automation in new OTT and streaming channels.


Awesome Audio Mixer Tools

Audio Mix/Minus
PRIME Live Platform V4.1 delivers the most requested feature for the PRIME Switcher module’s built-in audio mixer: audio mix/minus. You can now create however many custom AUX outputs your show requires, leveraging any combination of channels in the mix - and send them out via embedded audio, Windows sound device, or Dante device. All AUX outputs are easily accessible and controllable within the audio mixer interface. 

Audio Director
Audio Director is a tool for straightforward, audio-driven automation of PRIME Switcher controls. Build out a rule-set that defines active audio inputs and volume thresholds to trigger sources, cuts, transitions, and media playout on the switcher - essentially customizable Video-Follow-Audio. Audio Director is a fantastic tool for visual-radio, government, or corporate productions where the conversation drives the show.

Production Switcher Enhancements

Multiviewer Video Input Management
Within PRIME Switcher's customizable multiviewer interface, you can now group all external video inputs into a single window for easy moving and resizing of all video inputs simultaneously - rather than one at a time.

Clean Feed Output
PRIME Switcher now offers a clean feed output, ideal for sports and news broadcasters wanting to distribute a clean signal for multi-station or multi-lingual productions. 

Atlas Configuration
Users now have access to the Atlas Stream technology that powers the PRIME Live Platform's steaming outputs and multiviewer interface, providing greater freedom when building custom HTML-5 PRIME Panels interfaces with live previews or creating custom stream setups in a web browser.


Better Graphics, Smarter Playout

Supercharged Effect Mask Channels
PRIME CG designers can now utilize over 100 effect mask channels – such as stencil masks and crop effects - to achieve a truly unique look in their graphics. That's over 20x the effect mask capability than earlier releases!

DN x HR Encode
PRIME Live Platform now supports the updated driver for the 4K-UHD DN X HR codec with Alpha, along with the option to export content in this format.

Application-Level CG Parameters
The parameters function allows designers to build intelligent logic into graphics on a scene and project level. Now, you can extend parameters to the PRIME CG application level, making it easy to implement those must-have parameters across your entire asset library.


Want to explore how you can leverage a complete automated production studio on a single software platform? Have questions about the latest PRIME Live Platform V4.1 features?
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