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PRIME 4.10

Representing the last major release of the PRIME 4 software series before the landmark reveal of PRIME 5.0 at IBC 2024, PRIME 4.10 is packed with updates that streamline and optimize delivery of rich graphic visuals in modern production workflows. New features and capabilities in PRIME 4.10 improve the quality of NDI productions, enhance multi-scene graphic playout orchestration with all-encompassing control interfaces, and build on PRIME’s powerful JavaScripting capabilities that customers are using to take data-to-graphics integrations to new heights.


NDI 6 - Advanced HDR

While PRIME has always supported video-over-IP production via NDI connectivity, the latest 4.10 release enables users to leverage NDI 6 advanced HDR (HLG) functionality. PRIME users can now license any input or output channel to run in 10-bit NDI HLG format. Seamlessly blend HDR PRIME graphics and clip playout with your HDR video capture devices in your network-based productions.


Comprehensive Playout Control

Create All-Encompassing Master Control Panels

PRIME’s Master Control Panels can provide control over multiple scenes, channels, PRIME engines, and external devices – all from within a single interface. With the latest 4.10 release, creating master control panels is now easier than ever before. The PRIME team has integrated the same creation toolkit used for standard scene control panels, so expanding control from a single scene to your entire production is a straightforward process.

Recall Box Numpad Settings Specify Hot Key Execution Behaviors

For playout operators who perform the entirety of a fast-paced production with hot keys, PRIME 4.10’s Hot Key Execute mode adds the ability to specify the behavior of hot key execution. Users can choose whether a hot key should execute on Preview Only, Program Only or Program + Preview. Additionally, there are also options for dictating triggers on Active Scene, Active Section, Active Channel, or All Channels. These hot key execution behaviors are helpful for users who are juggling multiple scenes at once during a live show.

Region of Interest Export from PRIME Playout

Directly from the playout interface, PRIME users can now quickly save an output image with a pre-defined region of interest. A great feature for quickly exporting content for social media or downstream editing suites, the ability to define a region of interest for export is important for reducing file size. For example, exporting a capture of a lower third without the full screen alpha background.

Rapid Text Recoloring with Improved Color Tags

PRIME 4.10 improves the text color tag functionality with the ability to use simple \c tag commands to recolor text directly within the replaceable field interface. Quickly change the color of text on-the-fly for dynamic presentation, such as highlighting specific words in a quote, without having to leave the playout interface.


Optimize Your Live Playout Experience

Automatically Match Clip Frame Rate to Your Output

A new feature that’s sure to be a fan favorite for any user that has to work with large clip libraries that are fed by a variety of internal and external media sources, PRIME’s new Clip Match Output Rate property automatically adjusts the playback rate of clips to match the configured output frame rate of the playout channel. For example, if the channel output rate is set to 59.94 fps and the clip is rendered at 50 fps, PRIME will adjust the clip to playback smoothly at 59.94 fps on output.

Create A Simple Multiviewer in PRIME Playout

The appearance of PRIME’s Desktop Window Outputs are now fully customizable by position and size. Create your own build-a-multiviewer experience by customizing and arranging multiple Desktop Window Outputs on a single screen, this new feature makes it far easier for a playout operator to see what’s going on in every channel of their PRIME engine.

Prioritize Text Data Updates for Clock Graphics

PRIME 4.10 adds a toggleable option to replaceable fields to ensure text data updates are prioritized in the rendering and processing order of the PRIME engine. This is a powerful improvement for sports broadcast customers, ensuring text objects - like a game clock on a lower third graphic – are consistently displaying data down to tenths of a second, even when pushing PRIME’s rendering load with playout of numerous scenes at once.


Master Data APIs with JavaScripting

The Power of JavaScript

Since the launch of the JavaScript Effect and Resource Toolset in PRIME 4.8, key customers have significantly maximized the value of data APIs to enhance their graphics. PRIME and JavaScript are being utilized to empower playout operators using PRIME control panels. This setup enables operators to swiftly and easily select API data, update graphics with team logos and headshots, and enhance their storytelling through dynamic graphics reskinning and updates.

Additional JavaScript Events and Objects

With the latest PRIME 4.10 release, the JavaScript Effect and Resource toolset is receiving new text and file change events support, new object creation methods, native find object methods, and script + logic text box selection properties.

Get Started with Our New User Guide

New to using JavaScript to merge data APIs to graphics? Get started with our comprehensive JavaScript user guide that is tailored to assist designers in leveraging scripting capabilities. The user guide provides a full outline of keywords, objects, and properties to reference. Visit the Chyron Download Area for access. Need help getting started? Contact our experts with the form below!

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