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PAINT 9.3 represents the first AI-enhanced version release of Chyron’s renowned replay and telestration system for live sports. Adding AI-driven calibration and tracking features to the PAINT toolset, along with a host of export and telestration-pathing improvements, PAINT 9.3 allows operators to focus less on setup and more on creating stunning sports highlights.


AI-Enhanced Telestration

Automatic Pitch Calibration (Soccer)

With PAINT’s new AI-based pitch calibration technology, users can automatically map the soccer pitch within a replay clip with a single button push or upon every import. With no more need for manually mapping out areas of the playing field, PAINT operators can focus on crafting perspective-accurate 3D telestration effects.

Automatic Player Tracking (Soccer & Football)

Operating thru a similar single button push or upon import functionality, PAINT's new player tracking algorithm can automatically map out player movement within a replay clip. Right from the jump, operators can drag and drop dynamic tracking effects - such as spotlights or cursors - onto key players on the field.

Real-Time Internal Player Tracking

Together these new AI algorithms support a brand-new functionality: accurate live measurement of the speed and distance of player movement entirely within the PAINT software, without external tracking data. As a result, operators can create labels above players to show their speed/distance in real-time.

PAINT Path Shaping2

More Live and Post-Production Tools

Path Shaping

Sometimes you want to make a few fine tweaks to the movement of a player tracking effect. PAINT’s new Path Shaping tools allow you to address imperfections in the movement tracking of a player to nail your illustration. Path Shaping tools include a drag-and-drop path manipulator, path smoothing, path extension, and path splitting.

Bulk Export Clips as Individual Files

Previously, when users exported multiple clips at once from a PAINT system, they exported as a single merged video file. With PAINT 9.3, users can perform bulk export of clips as individual files, ensuring you can grab the specific pieces of content you need to create exciting highlight reels in your post-production suite.

Virtual Line-up Clip Export

PAINT users love the in-depth analysis that the Formations tool’s static virtual lineups and animated virtual plays provide their commentators. In the PAINT 9.3 release, users can now save their Formation presets as clips in the playout bank, or export them for use in post-game editing suites.

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