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Discover the latest in live sports broadcasting and video production with PAINT 9.6. This update brings groundbreaking features to every broadcaster, producer, and operator, streamlining workflows, enhancing graphic capabilities, and revolutionizing sports analysis. From multi-angle telestration to intuitive user interface modifications, PAINT 9.6 is tailor-made for today's dynamic sports broadcasting environment!

Multi-angle telestration

Revolutionize Live Sports Analysis

Multi-Angle Telestration

With the new PAINT 9.6 Multi-Angle Telestration feature, operators can synchronize graphics across various camera angles, bringing unparalleled depth to sports analysis. This tool enriches the viewer's experience with a cohesive visual narrative and empowers broadcasters with creative freedom and a new dimension in storytelling. Its seamless integration and user-friendly interface allow for a smooth, interactive viewing experience, offering new and seasoned sports fans deeper insights into every play.

Cut Out Tool: Bring Your Broadcasts to Life

PAINT 9.6 revolutionizes live sports broadcasting with its advanced Cut Out Tool feature, now enabling on-the-fly animation of player movements directly in paused video previews. This significant update transforms how broadcasters interact with live footage, allowing them to spontaneously create vivid, engaging animations. This enhancement boosts viewer engagement by illustrating key moments as they unfold and provides broadcasters with the flexibility to react instantly to the game, showcasing potential strategies and outcomes in real-time.

Pitch Zone

Deep Dive into Sports Analytics

Highlight Pitch Zone Tool

Transform your sports analysis with the Highlight Pitch Zone Tool by providing precise visual representations of critical areas on the field for sports like soccer and football. This tool elevates game analysis to new heights, enabling analysts to offer real-time insights into player strategies and game dynamics. Its customizable and interactive capabilities allow for tailored visual breakdowns, making complex tactics accessible and engaging for viewers.

Softball Pitch Calibration: Precision in Every Play

PAINT 9.6 introduces the Softball Pitch Calibration feature, providing the precise calibration capabilities that unlock 3D perspective-accurate telestration effects for usage in softball productions. The feature's precision ensures that PAINT illustrations appear as seamless elements on the field of play, offering a deep dive into player performance and game dynamics.

Cut Out Tool Keyframe Support: Elevating Storytelling

To enhance the recall speed of control panels when switching back and forth between scenes, PRIME users now have the option to cache a control panel after an initial load, ensuring subsequent reloads of the scene provide millisecond access to playout controls. PAINT 9.6 elevates visual storytelling in sports broadcasting with its enhanced Cut Out Tool Keyframe Support. This dynamic feature allows sports analysts to create more fluid and engaging graphics, bringing player movements and game strategies to life through animated sequences. The keyframe support introduces a new level of creativity and engagement in sports analysis, enabling broadcasters to tell richer, more detailed stories and providing analysts with the tools to captivate and educate their audience with every play.

New Graphic Tools: Expanding Creative Possibilities

Alongside these powerful features, PAINT 9.6 expands its toolkit with an array of new graphic tools, opening up a world of creative possibilities for sports analysts. These tools include sport-specific icons and intuitive 'X' and 'O' markers, alongside animated cursors like the zoom circle with a camera lens effect. These additions bring a fresh perspective to sports broadcasts, allowing for more customized and visually appealing representations of the game.

New Graphic Tools

Efficiency and Quality in Video Production

Matrox LE5 Support: Streamlined Setups for 4K HD Live Production

The integration of Matrox LE5 support, streamlining the setup process and ensuring unparalleled high-quality broadcasting. This key feature boosts the system's connectivity with 12G bandwidth, enabling smooth and efficient handling of 4K video data. The seamless integration of LE5 within PAINT 9.6 simplifies the broadcasting experience and future-proofs your production capabilities, catering to the ever-evolving demands of high-definition sports broadcasting with both reliability and ease.

Effortless Media Management with Bulk Import

The Bulk Import of Individual Clips feature is a game-changer for producers and editors, allowing the simultaneous importation of multiple clips. It streamlines the media management process, cutting down the hours usually spent on tedious tasks. By enabling editors to quickly access and compile their needed footage, this tool speeds up the production process. It's an invaluable asset in today's fast-paced production environments, ensuring that teams can keep up with the demands for rapid content delivery without compromising on the quality of the narrative.

Optimized Editing with the Presentation Window

Designed for clarity and precision, this Presentation Window feature offers a full-screen display on a secondary monitor, providing editors with a crystal-clear view of their graphics and videos. This real-time, expansive viewing capability is crucial for detailed editing and quality control, allowing for immediate feedback and adjustments. The Presentation Window ensures that every frame, transition, and graphic aligns perfectly with your creative vision, offering an unmatched level of control and finesse.

Operator Quality of Life Illustration

Enhancing Operator Experience

Advanced Operator Tools for Quality of Life

PAINT 9.6 elevates the operator experience with its 3D Tool with Pitch Calibration Notice and a Confirmation Dialog for Delete. These innovations bring unmatched precision and accuracy to sports broadcasting, with instant calibration feedback ensuring flawless 3D graphic overlays. The Confirmation Dialog acts as a safeguard against accidental deletions, enhancing workflow security and boosting operator confidence. Together, these tools streamline the operational process, improving efficiency and allowing operators to focus more on the creative aspects of their work.

Interchange Your Customized Skins with Ease

The customizable skin-changing feature is now enhanced with an automatic application restart post-skin change, significantly boosting efficiency for operators. This update caters to the dynamic needs of different broadcasts, allowing for seamless transitions between skins to match the visual theme of each show. The auto-restart functionality saves time and makes it effortless for operators to maintain the aesthetic consistency of various productions, from sports events to news broadcasts, ensuring a smooth, uninterrupted workflow.

Time Saving Telestration

Telestrator Time-Saving Features

Bulk Edit Tools Properties: Efficiency in Editing

PAINT 9.6 introduces the 'Bulk Edit Tools Properties' feature, revolutionizing telestration editing by allowing mass adjustments across multiple graphics. This efficient approach ensures consistency and coherence in visual elements, significantly reducing the time typically spent on individual edits. Tailored for high-volume editing, this feature streamlines the process, enabling editors to quickly apply uniform changes, thereby enhancing overall productivity and maintaining a high standard of broadcast quality.

Automatic Pause in the Cut Out Tool: Precision at Your Fingertips

The Automatic Pause feature in the Cut Out Tool of PAINT 9.6 marks a significant improvement in editing precision and ease. When activated, it automatically pauses the video at crucial moments, allowing editors to make precise telestration adjustments without manual intervention. This feature is a game-changer for live sports broadcasting, where timing and accuracy are paramount. It not only simplifies the editing process but also ensures that key moments are captured and highlighted with utmost precision.

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