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Chyron LIVE - 2024 Updates

Chyron LIVE stands out as a cost-effective, user-friendly, cloud-based live video production platform. With features that professionals expect and that anyone can use, Chyron LIVE includes tools for camera switching, high-quality graphics, clip playout, illustrated replay, audio mixing, and remote commentary. With the latest 2024 updates, every Chyron LIVE environment receives a brand-new Multiviewer production monitoring interface, alongside new enhancements that further simplify every production role.


Multiviewer Production Monitoring

Four Independent Multiviewers

Get an eye on every video and audio source in your production, with easy distribution to a remote crew. Each Chyron LIVE environment now includes 4 independent multiviewers, each with their own configurable sources and window layouts.

Craft a Layout for Each Crew Member

Each multiviewer is configurable with up to 9 windows, perfect for tailoring multiviewers to each member of your crew. Get a full-screen look at your program output, a 4-window view of your graphic and clip channels, or combine all video feeds into a single -window layout - the choice is yours!

Monitor Every Source in Your Production

LIVE’s multiviewers provide monitoring of all sources in your show. Monitor external inputs, internal sources - such as graphics channels, clip channels, the telestration feed, and commentary feed - as well as preview and program output. With toggleable VU meters, you can monitor both audio and video in a single interface.

Monitor Every Source in Your Production Simple Remote Distribution

To provide easy access across a remote production crew, each of Chyron LIVE’s multiviewers has a shareable URL that registered users can open in their web browser. LIVE’s multiviewer sharing is great for giving hands-off remote production managers and directors a comprehensive view of the show, as well as loading up a full screen multiviewer on additional monitor screens in your workspace.

SaaS Experience

Seamless Live Streaming Experience

Clean and Dirty Outputs

Chyron LIVE now supports simultaneous output of a clean and dirty program feed. Clean feeds are great for repurposing content for other channels, stripping away graphic overlays from the live program to simplify the downstream editing process.

New Tools for Video Input Connection

Quickly connect your streaming devices to Chyron LIVE with auto-generated input connection URLS that you can copy/paste your video capture device settings. LIVE’s input configuration menus now also feature input video previews you can reference while adjusting settings.

Optimized Online Control Room Experience

Chyron LIVE's latest updates have simplified, optimized and transformed the access and interaction with its cloud production environment, making the user experience more efficient than ever before. The platform now offers simple tools for starting and stopping your Chyron LIVE production environment, an enhanced web player for a seamless playback experience, and new proxy settings for optimizing performance in limited bandwidth scenarios.

Responsive User Interface Design

The LIVE user interface now automatically adapts to different screen sizes, enhancing user-friendliness across all devices - a great quality-of-life feature for users who would prefer to operate LIVE on a touch tablet, rather than on a computer or laptop.

Commentator Interface (1)

Flexible Remote Commentary

Button-Push Audio Device Connectivity

Implementation of the WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) protocol facilitates seamless capture of a commentator’s local device audio - such as a headphone mic or USB microphone - with a simple button-push in the web browser. Connect your commentator to the show with the same simplicity as a video call on Zoom or Facebook!

Commentator Audio Mix-Minus

When a remote commentator connects to live, the new audio mix-minus feed delivers a smooth listening experience, providing a return mix of program audio minus the channel of their own voice. Meanwhile, other production users - such as an audio operator - can listen in to the full program mix with the commentator feed included.

New Telestration - Replay Interface

Revamped Replay and Telestration

Enhanced Replay Interface for Fast-Paced Sports Production

To further accelerate the speed with which replay operators can create, export, and playout clips - LIVE’s replay creation interface has undergone significant enhancements. The new interface providers more replay clip banks for telestration editing, simple in-scene tools for managing illustrations, and rapid export clip functions. Additionally, a dynamic playback speed control tool is perfect for controlling playout of a replay clip live on-air during in-depth play analysis.

Tools for Fine-Tuning of Telestration Tracking

Tracking LIVE’s replay illustration elements – such as spotlights, numbers, pass-trackers, and more – along with moving footage is easier than ever. Now, users can access keyframe editing tools for fine adjustments to the position of telestration effects, in-animation and out-animation points, and deletion of illustrations from saved clips.

Automatic Replay Stinger Transitions

Nail the professional sports production look with automatic stinger transitions to bring replays on and off. Users can now configure a Replay-IN and Replay-OUT transition effect, either using one of Chyron LIVE’s pre-built effect templates (customized with your choice of color, text, and logos) or replay transition graphics of your own design. When taking a replay clip to program from LIVE’s dedicated replay/telestration interface or instant replay control, these effects will roll automatically before taking your replay on and off-air.

Simplified Graphics Playout

Dedicated Matchpad Soccer Graphics Channel

Chyron LIVE provides a dedicated third channel of PRIME CG for Matchpad soccer graphics! Power the bulk of your game day presentations from Matchpad, while keeping LIVE’s two primary CG channels open for playout of bespoke graphics that are unique to your show.

Dynamic PRIME Messages

LIVE now supports upload of PRIME Messages, which are custom versions of base-scene templates with specific presentation information. While LIVE supports direct control of a scene’s replaceable elements during live production, PRIME Messages make it easy to prepare your list of specific graphics before a show, enabling straightforward scene-by-scene playout on-air.

Clip and Replay Replaceable in Graphics

Incorporate clips directly within a graphic through LIVE’s recently-added support of clip replaceables. Upon opening a scene’s replaceable controls in the interface, users can select any clip or replay in the LIVE environment to playout in the scene. Upon loading the graphic, the clip will automatically play in the designated space in the graphic.

Automatic Effect Transitions

The Chyron LIVE team has extended the automatic stinger transition functionality from the replay feed to LIVE’s two internal clip players. Both clip channels can now be set up to automatically play a transition IN and OUT animation when playing a clip on-air.

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