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Chyron LIVE

The 2022 NAB Show Product of the Year winning Chyron LIVE is an end-to-end production platform with high-end switching, graphics, clip playing, replay, telestration, and asset management capabilities - built on a cloud-native architecture that makes these top-broadcaster tools accessible and available to all content creators!


Web-Based Live Production Platform

Live Switching
At all times, Chyron LIVE provides rapid access to up to six live inputs, two graphics channels, and two clip channels that you can cut, dissolve, and overlay as you see fit. LIVE distills a core video switcher feature set into simple touch operations.

PRIME Motion Graphics
Chyron's legendary graphics that define the world of live broadcast are now available in a web-based interface. Leverage 3D animation, intelligent parameters, and rich data integration from the jump with Chyron LIVE's included graphics packages at no extra cost!

Dual-Channel Clip Playout
Get all the footage you need on-air with LIVE's dual-channel clip player and simple playlist creation functionality. Set the scene with a story reel or play replay packages that sum up the defining moments of a match.

Built-in Audio Mixer
LIVE’s built-in audio mixer allows you to get the perfect levels for audio sources from your live inputs, clips, and sound effects within your impactful stinger graphics.


Replay and Telestration

Professional Replay
Replays capture those moments your audience will never forget, and Chyron LIVE provides access to recordings from all six of your live inputs to clip off, package, and play out as clips for your audience. Drive slower motion replays via touch, mouse, or external device control.

Dynamic Telestration Elements
Chyron LIVE’s telestration capability is unique to any web-based production platform on the market today. Take replays to new heights with spotlights, pass-trackers, flow arrows, numbers, and magnifiers that allow you to illustrate the magic behind a play.


Cloud-Native Architecture

Flexible Input and Output Connectivity
Chyron LIVE supports a wide array of video protocols for input and output, including: SRT, ZIXI, RIST, RMTP, NDI, and even SDI cameras with the LIVE SDI encoder. Direct streaming to major providers such as Facebook Live, YouTube, and Twitch is also supported!

Go Live Anywhere
With the cloud handling the back-end video processing, all you need to do is login and start producing. Need more hands-on-deck for your show? Not a problem because each Chyron LIVE instance maintains a real-time state across multiple connected users

Eliminate Off-Air Costs
Chyron LIVE's flexible cloud deployment model allows users to minimize costs to a pay-as-you-produce model. This advanced technology puts the power of a six-figure control room in your hands - for a sliver of the cost.

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