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LIVE 1.4

No other video production platform today makes professional sports analysis and illustrated replay as affordable and accessible as Chyron LIVE. With the latest 1.4 release, LIVE’s replay and telestration toolset gets a serious upgrade with AI replay creation, keyframing tools, and much more.


 AI-Powered Instant Replay

LIVE’s latest release introduces a new visual algorithm for soccer games that continuously analyzes your live footage during production for highlight-worthy events – such as a shot on net or goal – and produces an instant replay clip you can immediately take to air. An AI replay assistant is perfect for single-operator productions, allowing you to focus on choosing camera angles, updating graphics, and taking a ready-made clip live-to-air with the push of a button.

Telestration Keyframing-Image

 New Tools for the Perfect Illustrated Replay

Simple Fine-Tuning of Telestration Tracking

Tracking LIVE’s replay illustration elements – such as spotlights, numbers, pass-trackers, and more – along with moving footage is easier than ever. Now, users can access keyframe editing tools for fine adjustments to the position of telestration effects, in-animation and out-animation points, and deletion of illustrations from saved clips.

Adjustable Instant Replay In-Point

For any other sport you produce with Chyron LIVE, the single-button instant replay function makes it dead-simple to get a second-look at the recent play. With LIVE 1.4, before taking your instant replay to air, you can now adjust the IN-point of the clip, either rolling the footage forward or backward to start your footage at just the right moment.

Automatic Replay Stinger Transitions

Nail the professional sports production look with automatic stinger transitions to bring replays on and off. Users can now configure a Replay-IN and Replay-OUT transition effect, either using one of Chyron LIVE’s pre-built effect templates (customized with your choice of color, text, and logos) or replay transition graphics of your own design. When taking a replay clip to program from LIVE’s dedicated replay/telestration interface or instant replay control, these effects will roll automatically before taking your replay on and off-air.

Matchpad Sportscaster

Quality-of-Life Improvements to Matchpad and Input Management

Additional Matchpad Clock Controls

Chyron LIVE’s Matchpad provides a simple interface to manage a full package of motion graphics for soccer production – updating scores, highlighting players, and giving air-time to your sponsors. With LIVE 1.4, Matchpad receives additional clock controls for editing time on the clock and adding additional stoppage time at the end of each half.

Matchpad Keyboard Shortcuts

While Matchpad is easy to manage via touch-tablet or mouse-click control, LIVE 1.4 introduces a full set of keyboard shortcuts for all Matchpad graphic operations. Select graphics, load them up to preview, and animate them onto your stream all from your keyboard.

Input Configuration Previews

A quality-of-life improvement when connecting your video streams to Chyron LIVE, the configuration menus for each input in Chyron LIVE now provides a live preview window to see your incoming feed as soon as it connects.

Do you know how professional production value can supercharge your streaming revenues? Want to learn how you can take your sportscasting to the next level with illustrated replays? Contact our experts, we’re happy to help!