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The CAMIO 5.0 release is packed with new features, including dark look, UI improvements, animated previews, dependent objects, and HTML5 plugin architecture!

MOS-driven Graphics Asset Management Solution

Leverage Graphics in any MOS Workflow
Producers and reporters can fulfill graphics templates with text, images, or clips, eliminating unneeded graphic design work, while adding templates directly to stories.

Flexible Infrastructure
CAMIO 5.0 utilizes On-Prem, Cloud, and Hybrid infrastructures to meet your particular business needs and budget through either CAPEX & OPEX while reducing costs and friction.

Unified Playout across Devices and Channels
Harness the ability of the NRCS rundown to drive multiple Lyric or Prime graphics engines, including Lower Thirds, OTS, Full Screens, Video Walls, and Virtual & Augmented Reality elements.

Access and Manage your Graphics from Anywhere
Integrate Hub-and-Spoke workflows with asset management capabilities across multiple departments, facilities, and regions.

Asset Manager - Assets (1)

LUCI Plugin

 Access and Fulfill Templates from your NRCS & NLE
CAMIO 5.0 leverages the world's most powerful design tool. Easily change the graphic look and feel of the templates from within the NRCS with a simple style selection. Import layered  Adobe Photoshop documents and AE Integration through XMP Metadata with state of the art data driven graphics scenes. 

Powerful Ecosystem of Assets
LUCI utilizes a powerful ecosystem of assets through AXIS with modules for order management, tracking, maps, charts, financial quotes, and image composites. With the advanced Render Engine, users can output still and animated graphics to share assets with NLE’s and Chyron’s own MAM solution.


Asset Management

CAMIO Rundown Server (iSQ)
Users can synchronize multiple rundowns to NRCS, manage playback across devices and channels, and can control which channel any graphic plays back on.

This system and configuration management serves as the core centralized asset management server that manages content for playback.

CAMIO FileSync Server
CAMIO provides a Dropbox-like system for synchronizing folders with a central server that receives content from subscribers and posts it to a central server.


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AXIS - CAMIO's Order Management Companion

Create Bespoke Graphics
A powerful set of modules covers topical news images, high-res maps, 3D charts and financial quotes - rendered in the cloud and delivered as still or movie files.

Direct Access to Image Providers
Subscribers of AP Graphics Bank or Getty Images can browse topical and breaking news graphics for use in AXIS News.

Collaborative Order Management
Dispatch and manage graphic orders and approval throughout your organization.

Tight NRCS and NLE Integration
Streamline workflows with seamless integration with all newsroom systems and leading NLEs providing full access to your complete library of assets in real-time and from anywhere.

AXIS stock quotes for news graphics

What's New In            Prime CG 4.2?

Greater CG Usability
PRIME Live Platform 4.2 offers powerful chroma-keying, easily accessible bindings view, audio delay,  X-keys and GPI out tally control, active key indicators, and H.265 support. 

Production Automation
PRIME Commander unifies control of nearly all PRIME Live modules - as well as essential third-party devices - into a single interface that orchestrates your show according to a precise playlist sequence.

Audio Mixer Tools
Audio mix/minus allows for all AUX outputs are easily accessible and controllable within the audio mixer interface. Audio Director is a tool for straightforward, audio-driven automation of PRIME Switcher controls.

Production Switcher Enhancements
PRIME Switcher allows for multiviewer video input management, clean feed output, and atlas configuration. 



Want to learn how MOS-driven graphics asset management can supercharge your newsroom team? Have questions about the latest CAMIO 5.0 features?
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