Match Analysis, defined as the combination of video analysis, performance analysis, and physical analysis, is having a positive impact on sports teams’ on-field performance, turning data and video outputs into meaningful, contextualized information. Match Analysis is actively being translated into outputs that Coaches and Players can easily understand, and from which they can learn and develop.

At the league level, the bar has been set high and leagues are clearly experiencing a correspondingly high degree of success with data and video performance analysis.

But what about the impact at the individual team level? Clubs are now utilizing ChyronHego’s TRACAB Optical Player Tracking and Coach Paint telestration and analysis solutions in a cost-effective way. What’s more, clubs are seeing a direct and demonstrably positive impact across all departments, from sports science, to performance analysis, to coaching, and straight on to the individual player.

Our latest video (above), The Evolution of Match Analysis, produced in cooperation with Bristol City Football Club of the Championship League, illustrates the massive competitive impact individual clubs gain when they combine both data (TRACAB Optical Tracking) and video (Coach Paint Telestration & Analysis) by ChyronHego.