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Posted by Nazneen Ayaz on Nov 17, 2016 8:40:26 AM
Nazneen Ayaz

During the night of the US election, ChyronHego supported customers all over the world with solutions for broadcast graphics, displaying social media on screen as well as virtual enhancements and virtual sets. In the US alone, more than 380 stations were using NewsTicker Elections to help them get real-time results on air. In addition, several customers were also using our virtual graphics solutions for displaying election results in new, creative ways. 

One great example is the TV station WUSA 9 in Washington D.C. who are early adopters of the CAMIO Universe concept, connecting Plutonium - the industry’s most powerful virtual sets - with CAMIO,  allowing producers, directors, journalists and editors to work with content for virtual sets in a template based workflow, making it as easy as creating a lower third. 


During election night, WUSA 9 used ChyronHego's Plutonium virtual sets in conjunction with Hybrid Robotics and the MoSys star tracker solution, creating a full virtual studio solution. In addition, real-time election results were integrated, providing WUSA 9 with new, innovative ways to display the results. All driven from the newsroom environment - true to the CAMIO Universe workflow.

Learn more about the CAMIO Universe concept by checking out our CAMIO Universe eBook:


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