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Apply Today for our Designer of the Year Award!

As part of your submission for Designer of the Year, you are required to submit a well-crafted mini portfolio created in PRIME. This portfolio should reflect your ability to design compelling visual content and demonstrate your technical skills.

Guidelines for your submission:

Scenes: Your portfolio should contain a minimum of four scenes. While there is no maximum, your selection should best represent your skills and creativity. Each scene should showcase your ability to integrate dynamic visual elements effectively.

Animations: Incorporate "play on" and "play off" animations to demonstrate your proficiency in creating engaging and interactive graphics. This will highlight your ability to bring static designs to life.

Technical Skills: Including examples of base scenes, style sheets, and data integration will be considered a bonus. These elements showcase your efficiency in updating scenes and your ability to connect your designs with real-time data, adding depth to your portfolio. However, we recognize that great design does not solely rely on these features, and submissions will not be penalized for their absence.

Control Panels: Include control panels for playout in your submission. This is crucial as it demonstrates how your designs enhance the user experience for playout operators, ensuring smooth integration and operation within a broadcast environment.

Summary: Provide a 200-word summary about yourself and your graphics package. This summary should give insight into your design philosophy, your approach to the project, and any relevant experiences that highlight your qualifications as a Designer of the Year.

Submission Link: Please include a link to your portfolio hosted on Dropbox in your form submission.

Deadline: April 3, 2024. Questions? academy@chyron.com

We appreciate your dedication to pushing the boundaries of design within our industry and look forward to your innovative submissions! The winner will be announced at the 2024 NAB Show at the Chyron booth.